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eyes toward november

Great news. Along with the kick-off of Mudson in September and the loveDANCEmore journal in October, loveDANCEmore is helping to bring Brooklyn-based artist Diana Crum.

Diana will be working with some dancers from good old SLC in a collaborative site-specific venture. She makes dances which complicate existing architectures. She writes…

“We inhabit spaces throughout our everyday lives. These spaces embody social expectations and cultural codes. For instance, a road encourages forward motion. A park allows for lounging. Museums usually separate artworks from viewers and encourage quiet, respectful behavior. What is spaces embodied multiple structures? Can a museum be a place to play? Can one move against traffic down the highway?”

The moving bodies in Diana’s work exhibit alternative uses of structures in a given space. The alternative uses dialogue with the pre-established architecture and thereby make visible the cultural assumptions upon which it is founded. Viewers become more aware of the advantages and limitations of the specific place.

For a few hours in a late afternoon on Monday November 8th (details TBD) six dancers will perform a site-specific dance in the Urban Room of the Salt Lake City Main Library. Through rehearsals they will collaboratively develop a movement vocabulary based on the bodies’ response to the the characteristics of the site including its architecture, social uses and history. Members of the plubic will be invited to view the dance, arriving and leaving as they choose. The performance might also be shown at Mudson in the studio-theater setting with other classes and shows by Diana TBD.

Keep checking the blog for more info.