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a word of encouragement

if you read this blog (and i’m relatively confident due to technology that an average of 25 people per day do just that) please comment on what you are reading. even just once in a great while.
if only to say “this is lame and boring” or “thanks for the post”

the reason why is
loveDANCEmore is interested in posting what you want to read about dance or information you feel would help you along in your dancing life.

so comment. or submit your own post.
we’ll probably definitely post it

and sometimes we run out of what to say

artys 2010?

below are the links for the 2009 artys. i am pasting them before the 2010 awards to show what a difference there seems to be in the awards offered, particularly for dance. there are a lot more dance categories in the 2010 version. and while sometimes i find it silly that an independent newspaper rewards many mainstream and historical organizations i am happy that 2010 has more independent dance projects…like molly heller and juan aldape’s work and the performances by graham brown as part of movement forum.the sheer number of categories offered by year shows that dance is a growing part of the city.

so before we get to the 2010 artys i’d like to imagine the 2011 artys and how the net can cast wider and deeper into projects in the city.