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The link above describes conflict a human rights group in NY has with Batsheva’s show at the Joyce. A similar protest happened outside of DPAC during Inbal Pinto’s show at the American Dance Festival.

The issues are complex so I thought I’d record the link here so anyone could provide their thoughts…
on the one hand it doesn’t seem like taking money from the Israeli government seems so different than any of our arts organizations taking money from the American government which has done a laundry list of deplorable things.But when you put it in context of German modern dance and the relationship to World War II, where we stand as artists in relationship to the acts of our supporters is something that can’t escape historical record in complex ways.

That’s a lot for a Saturday night. I’ll leave it there.

lots of shows

monday = mudson
but then…
thurs-sat there are three options (one for each day of the weekend)

the sugar space artist in residence performing their cross-continental collaboration regarding protest (ashley will be there reviewing)

ririe-woodbury’s configurations featuring cloudless by susan marshall, duet by bill t. jones (a different cast each night!) and more (emily terndrup & mallory rosenthal will be co-reviewing)

and fri-sat there will be a 48 hour performance installation at the salt lake art center (review tbd)