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contemplating spring mudson

last fall i made a post about Sally Banes book on the history of Judson as i preparing for the first mudson performances last fall. this spring it’s easier, the contracts are the same and more people know what to expect. bu i continued to go back to the book by Sally Banes called “Democracy’s Body: Judson Dance Theater 1962-1964″.

mostly because she reminds me of the necessity for alternative modes of performance so well. she writes about the collective risk-taking of the original judson group and says…

“The Judson group had not only changed the methods by which dances were made and the content of dances…and presenting their concerts free of charge to a community audience were two factors that affect the social institution of dance viewing. In a Sunday article in the New York Times in August 1963, Allen Hughes suggested…people had begun to realize that dancing is theater, and that as theater it ‘may be a more reliable source of literate entertainment than Broadway theater.’ And, he announced, ‘the tenet that stage dancing is enjoyable only to connoisseurs, initiates, ‘eggheads’, or something worse continues to lose place in the American credo.’” (p.152)

so now i’ll cut and past what i said last fall which i still think,

“I think this is the direction modern dance in SLC is moving. Toward a place were there is one single thing we are to glean from performance and toward a place where we gain information from watching performance and watching it more, not to mention watching it for free.”