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links for the weekend

the LA Times is really big into posting historical information about artists these days long before their work is shown in LA. it’s pretty awesome because one of the biggest beefs many have with seeing repertory at large festivals or concert halls is that there is often little context given and audiences walk away thinking they saw the most current offerings of modern dance. so kudos for this article previewing Lucinda Childs.,0,5976532.story

also this week they posted this gem about dance competitions off-screen,0,3603379.story

also-also, thanks to Juan Aldape’s link on posterous we can share this opportunity to make and submit 60 second dance films. just make sure it’s 60 seconds, we wouldn’t want to upset Doris Humphrey.

and if you are looking for dance events locally
the University of Utah senior concert continues into this weekend with new choreographers, 7:30pm through Saturday at the Marriott Center for Dance

Ririe Woodbury also has their fundraiser coming up (Cabaret of Fools) starting at 6:30pm on March 26th

the Trib has links to more upcoming dance events including RDT taking many of their popular works from H20 to Logan, BYU students presenting Panorama by Martha Graham and more…