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More info on ANIMA

While Mike Watkiss is reviewing you should make it out to Sugar Space to see for yourself. Director Brittany Reese told us that the show is mature, engaging and unique to SLC.

Below are the details of each work presented so get your tickets and support these creative risks.

Sugar Space Presents:
ANIMA: Dance, Theatre and Video by Alycia Scott, Camille Litalien, Anida Yoeu Ali and Masahiro Sugano.
May 12-14, 2011 8PM $10 in Advance / $12 at the Door

ANIMA will be an evening of dance theatre and video that delves into the underbelly of social, political, and cultural cycles. From gestation to intervention, the performances will animate vital considerations.

Latin for the vital “animating principle”, and described by Carl Jung as elemental in his theory of the collective unconscious that transcends personal psyche. The evening will consist of the following three works:

The Afghan Project, by Camille Litalien is a physical theatre show inspired by ‘The Patience Stone’ of Atiq Rahimi. It follows the wife of an Afghan soldier who
is lying unconscious with a bullet in the neck. She cares for her husband all the while unburdening herself the truth about her feelings toward him. He becomes her ‘sang-e saboor’, a mythical stone that according to persian folklore absorbs the pain of
those who confide in it, until it eventually explodes….

Ovum by Alycia Scott. Ovum (Latin for egg or haploid female reproductive cell), explores the human/egg/chicken relationship through symbolic, physical and relational strata.

1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim by Anida Yoeu Ali and Masahiro Sugano. The 1700% project is conceived as a collaborative project utilizing art as intervention. Specifically, the 1700% project strategically intervenes against the racial profiling and rise of violence and hate directed at Muslims in a post 9/11 era.