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some links

if you liked Eiko & Koma when they were here for SaltDanceFest check out this review of their post recent outdoor performance


Also check out this article on Anna Deavere Smith from the LA Times. Not necessarily a dance show but what an incredible performance artist.,0,1084245.story

And another LA Times feature on Miguel Gutierrez from way back. They haven’t had a lot of dance writing recently (summer lull?) but we are still happy to re-print their Body Fascism article in the upcoming journal issue.,0,2788312.story

it’s august

and that means….

only one more month until fall mudson begins (mark your calendars now by checking our google cal on the right hand column). you’ll see three dance films by aniko safran PLUS more works in progress by leah nelson, erica womack, movement forum, josie patterson, juan aldape, lindsey drury, dana livermore, laja field & hilary carrier.

only two more months until volume 3 of the performance journal is released. everyone’s a critic will feature all the past season SLC reviews plus some new features including awesome reprints from the la times & tribune