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mid-week links

In local news the theater project Main Street continues to go back & forth…

Also I think these adjustments to the Lion King for individuals with autism is kind of incredible. And a very good idea.
While the LA Times article below about near $300 tickets to Cirque de Soleil seems way less incredible,0,1848922.story

Below find a review of a Seattle Improv event

And if that wasn’t enough….
Below check out the link for Paul Taylor’s “Why I Make Dances”. I like Paul Taylor, and not only because he sent death threats to critic Jack Anderson. I like that he makes new work and even if he has an old school company model and/or aesthetic he does, whether for better or worse, make new work in an unapologetic way.

coming up

next weekend is jam packed with dance events

on the 25th you can check out Momentum @ the Rose
on the 26th you can see RawMoves @ MCD
on the 27th you can attend the SLC Ballet Open House at their new Main Street location (1164 South, @7pm)

and don’t forget to forward reviews of the first two shows to