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city weekly’s 2011 artys

click on the link below to vote for the City Weekly Artys in 2011.

there are all kinds of theater, dance, music & visual art categories.
and even some that are less expected like favorite tattoo artists.

another awesome things is that City Weekly allows write-ins for each category
which means if you don’t see your favorite dancer or choreography of late you can just write it down.

you could also write in “learning to loveDANCEmore” as the best zine/publication!

we wrote in Todd Allen’s choreography for Gary Vlasic’s Dark Horse but there are plenty of other independent artists we would like to see City Weekly recognize this year & in coming years. not because we don’t like the nominees but because the people we list below are all independent artists operating on a wee-tiny budget and continuing to keep arts vital in SLC.

for example….
–Juan Aldape & Sofia Gorder’s “What Type Are You” was an excellent show at a The Rose Establishment, an up & coming coffee shop that donates space to artists on the regular
–Sam Hanson, Ashley Anderson, Juan Aldape, Sayoko Knode & Hilary Carrier (to name a few) have reguarly shared new works at venues including the Main Library & Urban Lounge while RawMoves & inFluxdance continue to independently produce concerts at venues like the Rose, Sugar Space & the Marriott Center for Dance while maintaining national tours
–Movement Forum’s “Surreal World” and other shows about town feature dynamo performers like Michael Watkiss, Eileen Rojas, Sherisa Bly & Corinne Penka, to name a few
–there are even best imported dance productions like Neta Pulvermacher at the Rose (produced by Brittany Reese @ Sugar Space) or Diana Crum (produced by loveDANCEmore @ the Main Library)

so think long and hard choosing your favorites. if you don’t see them write it in!

more details on momentum

The first Momentum in 2006 was slated as a one-time RW alumni concert but under the direction of Jill Voorhees Edwards & Juan Carlos Claudio, the event is now celebrating it’s 5th birthday.

The event showcases not only alumni of the company but also current RW dancers & friends of RW. This year those choreographers range from established community members like Tandy Beal (University of Utah professor who has set a solo on RW alum Juan Carlos) to BFA & MFA thesis works by Mallory Rosenthal, Elizabeth Stich & Heather Nielsen.

Also included are works by Jo Blake, Chia Chi Chiang, Jill Voorhees Edwards, Stevan Novakovich & Liberty Valentine.

August 25-27, Rose Wagner Black Box Theater, 8PM, tickets available through ArtTix

loveDANCEmore will post a preview by Juan Aldape & a review by Rachael Shaw. Submit your own review to or comment on the threads by Juan & Rachael.