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Archive for October 28th, 2011

dances made to order!!

Have you heard of Dances Made to Order? I think we’ve posted about it before.

It’s a new way to think about producing dances made for the camera, screen dances, dance films, dance video, dances for your computer/tv/mobile device, or whatever you are choosing to call it these dances.

Run by choreographer Kingsley Irons, audiences vote on a theme for working film-makers/dance artists. With that theme original films are made in two weeks and then posted to you for a small fee. It’s only $7 for students and artists with the code STU10. $7 for three original dance films with a theme of your choosing is pretty awesome.

The best part is these fees don’t just fund project overhead. Each participant receives a percentage of your purchase. Most dance film festivals require a fee to participate. This radically shifts the model awarding fair compensation for the work of a wide array of artists. Because it’s straight to your computer it also means the audiences for these works can grow and grow in important ways.

The best part? Dances Made to Order is coming to SLC in March. Curated by good old Ashley Anderson Dances, Aniko Safran will be collaborating with Wyn Pottratz, Scott Halford & Josie Patterson-Halford will be working together, and Sam Hanson will also be making a new project.

To participate in the current cycle visit and vote on the theme.