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Archive for November 8th, 2011

reading dance

some new dance books on the horizon. and another interesting peer review based blog.

NYFA is releasing “The Profitable Artist” and while no handbook can adequately prepare someone to live as a working artist, let alone a profitable one, it is nice to know legal requirements as some are freelance, some are 501c3 organizations, others are fiscally sponsored.  You get a discount buying through them

Kathy Adams also sent us this link about a new ‘history of ballet’ book. The review is really well written and the book sounds intriguing…

Additionally these Philly & Denver based blogs caught our attention. Like good old loveDANCEmore they emphasize peer reviews as a way to foster accountable, honest and thoroughly engaged communities. One nice thing about thINKing dance in Philly is the range of contributors, including principal dancers at the Philadelphia Ballet. The notion of “peers” in SLC could expand similarly — with a wider array of coverage.