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Archive for April 6th, 2012

don’t forget!

to RSVP for Mudson on good old facebook. the artists involved have worked hard on their newest experiments and would love to have an audience to help them reflect on their continuing progress. we’ll also be screening the Dances Made to Order trailers as a remind to also

purchase a ticket or season pass on! with the discount code LOVE12 you can see films by Sam Hanson, Aniko Safran/Wyn Pottratz and Josie Patterson Halford/Scott Halford for only eight bucks. for only forty bucks you can get a whole years worth of movies from NY, LA, Chicago, Austin, Minneapolis, SLC and more.
it’s a great platform which rewards artists with 65% of ticket sales.

also head over the MCD tonight or tomorrow to see the Senior Concert (the first of two weekends). our student intern, Sofia Strempek, is involved, as are many other incredible students.