an open forum for dance in slc


A works-in-progress series modeled after Movement Research at the Judson Church. Visit the calendar for upcoming performance details. 


See new dances by Porridge for Goldilocks/Amy Freitas, Shira Fagan, Emma Wilson, Heather Francis, Daniel Charon/Natalie Desch, Ashley Anderson, Kat Martinez, Karin Fenn, Amy Falls, Josie Patterson, Tablado Dance Company & Sara Jackson.

Admission is always free; Always at Masonic Temple Ballroom (650 E. South Temple, parking/entrance in back)

efren at mudson


Past works-in-progress have gone on to venues including: The Rose Wagner, Sugar Space, the University of Utah, Weber State University, the Rose Establishment, the Jewish Arts Festival, Provo Sites and more.


Works…such as these, challenge the canon of what dance can be, and underpin risk-taking in choreography.
SLUG Magazine Mudson preview 2012

Daughters of Mudson was a success. Plain and simple. I didn’t have to endure the stuffy atmosphere of academia. I saw a showcase with real artists, but didn’t have to fly where I can’t use a public restroom without buying something. I felt scared, and I laughed and I was engaged. I felt that people had made an effort to reinstate the element of danger.
Alex Ortega for, a SLUG contributor

2012 Daughters of Mudson was also City Weekly Pick, a Salt Lake Tribune pick and reviewed by SLUG. It was given a 2012 Best of Utah hailing it “a perfect backdrop for art” and mentioned multiple times in the City Weekly Artys.

Prior seasons were given nods by the Utah Daily Chronicle, the Salt Lake Tribune & Catalyst.