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  • what is loveDANCEmore?

    loveDANCEmore is a series of community events hosted by ashley anderson dances and authored by many in the salt lake city dance community. loveDANCEmore is a new way to think about dance in salt lake city. it asks us what our dance practices are, what performance can be and most importantly, how we can support one another.
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  • PORTABLES, a preview

    By ashleyandersondances / 2015-08-21 04:51:46
    Below is a preview of a profile of Claire Porter for the September edition of 15 BYTES. Her solo work, “PORTABLES,” will be presented this Saturday at the Rose and the full piece will include additional notes on
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  • Mudson Fall 2015 Announcement

    By amymudson / 2015-08-02 00:44:13
    Announcing locations and artists for Fall 2015 MUDSON! Tuesday August 18 Memorial House in Memory Grove Park Featuring works in progress by Katherine Adler, Ashley Anderson, Justin Bass, Karin Fenn, and Amy Freitas. Tuesday September 15 Wasatch Presbyterian Church
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  • New Media Gallery @ Sweet Branch

    By ashleyandersondances / 2015-08-01 23:20:10
    Sam Hanson & Katherine Adler have worked together in a curation of loveDANCEmore's newest media gallery at the Sweet Branch Library in the Avenues. Library patrons can view dance films by female choreographers from Utah or with Utah
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