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  • what is loveDANCEmore?

    loveDANCEmore is a series of community events hosted by ashley anderson dances and authored by many in the salt lake city dance community. loveDANCEmore is a new way to think about dance in salt lake city. it asks us what our dance practices are, what performance can be and most importantly, how we can support one another.
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  • Mudson on Monday

    By ashleyandersondances / 2015-04-10 15:00:17
    Only two Mudson performances left at the Masonic Temple before we search for a new home. Come out this Monday, April 13th to see new works-in-progress by Brad Beakes, Amy Freitas, Efren Corado Garcia, Solange Gomes/Tablado Dance Company, Michele
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  • Dance at Memorial House, in review

    By ashleyandersondances / 2015-03-27 16:30:26
    A night of dance in a beautiful intimate setting, in this case the Memorial House, really gets my hopes up.  So as I walked through the doors for the recent loveDANCEmore event on March 22 I had one
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  • Dance at Memorial House

    By ashleyandersondances / 2015-03-09 02:25:03
    Sunday March 22nd see a shared show featuring new dances by Ashley Anderson, Efren Corado Garcia & Amy Freitas. Normally used as a reception center, the Utah Heritage Foundation site is being used for a one day only performance. Pre-purchase tickets
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